Transform your service desk into a Super Desk.

45% say they are increasing headcounts to deal with the increased workload

56% say the number of incidents is trending up because of complexity

Increased ticket volumes are resulting in increased average time to answer calls which in turn leads to higher abandonment rates.

82% of ITSM professionals say IT will get harder over the next 3 years because of increasing IT complexity

Super Desk enables your organization to make data-driven decisions, increase throughput of existing headcount and decrease ticket volumes.

Meet your Super Desk


Your service desk is complicated. You have multiple intake points, communication platforms and a ticketing platform. How your desk is functioning and how it can be improved is locked into what we call your Blackbox.

Yolk's AI decodes your Blackbox in Nucleus so you know how to improve your desk, automatically train chatbots to diagnose issues and detect outages before they become major incidents.

Knowledge Hub

 Remove the need for agents to manually scan through multiple KB docs while performing service resolution. 

Yolk's AI finds the right answer for them and automates knowledge base management. This arms your agents with fast, accurate knowledge to shorten resolution times. 


Low-level, high-volume tasks prevent your agents from working on more valuable tasks. This can result in long wait times, high abandonment rates and poor employee experience.

Yolk's chatbot with RPA connects with internal third-party systems to augment or fully automate low-level tasks to radically decrease the volume of tickets requiring human interaction.

Pre-trained AI that's Enterprise Secure

Stand up in 3-4 Weeks

Super Desk is ready out-of-the-box so that you see immediate value and gets even smarter over time.

Private/Hybrid Cloud

Installed using Docker on your private cloud, you control where your data resides giving you peace of mind.

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